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Your Content, Your Site and Your Visitors

by Joe Schaefer No Comments August 7, 2010

Content for this discussion refers to text and on-page digital assets that deliver a message, information, calls-to-action while collectively making up the ‘consumable’ portion of your site.

Content is also that which when working in tandem with design, development and optimization will direct your intended visitor behavior on your website.


Your content should achieve actionable answers to the following strong visitor signals:

  • What goals are you trying to accomplish for the website as a whole and among its individual pieces (including individual pages)?
  • Who is creating your content?
  • What content is being created and why is it being created? To what end does your content serve?
  • While measuring interactions on your site, are your intentions being met or do you need to make changes?
  • What do your desired visitors want and need from your content and is it accomplishing that?
  • Can your goals be met with your content within your budgetary means? If not, what can you do to meet those goals using other content strategies?
  • Does your content structure lead visitors along paths you intend? What changes can you make in order for them to do so?
  • How will your content be delivered to your users and why?
  • Do you ask your visitors for suggestions?
  • How will you measure its effectiveness (see analytics later)?
  • What value is your content delivering to your users? To your website?
  • How will you thematically categorize your content for smooth and further navigation?
  • Is it easily understandable and consumable?
  • Does your content encourage (signal) or discourage (noise) desired behaviors?
  • Does your content speak to your users in a manner that is comprehensible or is it too technical?
  • How is your content being tested in order to answer the above?
  • Where are you getting content from if not original? Is it an RSS feed?
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