Video Marketing: 7 Steps to Youtube

by Joe Schaefer 2 Comments March 29, 2010

With little doubt, marketing online and using video for traffic or positive brand awareness is a prudent idea. But, a question I often hear or ask myself is, “What exactly should I do to promote my video online?” We’ll use Youtube as our example, but in any event, here are the basics.

This is either a primer or a resource checklist, take your pick.

Step 1
Produce a video based on what works (think humor, shock value, really valuable content)

Step 2
When exporting your video, optimize the meta data of the file itself

Step 2.5
Name your video with keywords/phrases that you desire to be found

Step 2.7
A couple of options for finding hot-bed phrases is to use the Google Adwords keyword tool or even start typing your desired phrase in the Youtube search box and see the suggestions (based on common searches < a great way to find out what people are trying to, um, find out).

Step 3
Upload and again, name the file with your keyphrases, fill in all the meta. Use the phrase in your description. If there’s a desired URL that you want people to click, place that first in the description.

Step 4
Get a channel and develop it a bit. make it look appealing.

Step 5
Youtube is social, whether you know it or not. join groups, forums, make comments, encourage comments, create content beyond just the video. Make the experience valuable, interactive. Use contextual text boxes on the video to back up and encourage what your message is. Maybe you can use this opportunity to ask to be ‘favorited’.

Step 6
Seek those in the genre that are ‘power users’. Get involved in their conversations, become part of their community.

Step 7
Let some things happen naturally. Don’t force it down people’s throats. Do what you can to get it in front of as many eyes and ears as you can and allow for natural spread.

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