The Google Buzz Kill

by Joe Schaefer No Comments February 14, 2010

At its inception Google Buzz was such that from the get-go your contacts we auto-followed, making everyone you were in touch with a ‘follower’ and worse, visible to the world.

Not good for a lot of people. That sense of social ‘privacy’ (which is almost a misnomer) was gone before you really even started.

This, however, seems to have changed as Google has made a change.

Now, Google Buzzers can more easily find the checkbox that allows for public display to be disabled. A more prominent disable feature will calm some down, but still, what about the early adopters?

In any event, Google has switched to a model of ‘auto-suggest’ rather than auto-follow, which will make for a better experience for those new to catching a Google Buzz. So, the kill-switch has been engaged. Get busy y’all.

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