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The Conversion Chain (visualized)

No matter what your means for driving traffic (and you shouldn’t rely on just one), the conversion chain, in order to be successful, has 4 major interlocking mechanisms that need to work in tandem with each other. If your hope is to increase conversions and to encourage repeat visits/conversions, your conversion chain should be made up of the following components:

1. An engaging, valued website experience
2. A working, easy conversion environment
3. ROI & results data collection
4. Swift measurement and analysis (for improving the other 3)

Website Experience

Here in 2012, there shouldn’t be anymore questions about delivering a good website experience. Your audience is smart and have been to throngs of other websites. They know (and it’s second nature by now) what a good experience is. They want to find exactly what they are looking for immediately and not feel an overwhelming sense of being sold to. Deliver an experience where you solve their problems quickly and without too much fanfare and you’ll encourage more people to move to the next step: the conversion environment.

Conversion Environment

People want a quick, simple way to check out. Give it to them. Make the steps to purchase as few as possible and without intruding too much on their time and personal information. Make the conversion environment a pleasant one and you’ll encourage more sales, sharing and most likely repeat sales.

ROI & Results

Make sure you build your data collection into the back-end in such a way that you can easily spot problem areas with the conversion process. Analyze your sales data for ROI and results-driven decisions. Use your analytics to help with the next step: measurement and analysis.

Measurement & Analysis

During this portion of the conversion chain, you should be planning for changes to each of the previous three segments in your chain in order to better satisfy your customers and increase your sales. From here, you should be implementing behavioral changes and developments to your site to better serve your customers the next time the conversion chain is encountered.

Each segment of the chain is dependent on the one before and the one after. Each requires analysis and strategy, but if you keep it simple (4 segments), you’re probably going to wind up being less stressed by the process and better prepared to take the necessary steps to improve conversions on your site.

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