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The Basic SEO Signals You Should Pay Attention To

by Joe Schaefer No Comments August 10, 2010

Online search accounts for the majority of traffic to websites. We get that (and if we don’t read the entire blog from start to finish…we’ll wait).

We’ve established the search engines use signals on-site and off- to determine where you should be placed in results, if at all. And, if you’re shaping all of the other areas of your site, you’re in a pretty sweet spot.

It’s time to discuss optimizing your website in such a manner that you fill it with the correct signals to alert the search engines of your authority, trust, and relevance (in regards to a keyword search by a potential user). Albeit in the most simple ways.

Search Engine Optimization is sometimes characterized as ‘manipulating’ or ‘tricking’ the search engines. This is furthest from the truth when considering the ethical nature of true SEO professionals. In all, SEO shapes a website in such a manner that highlights a measure of authority, trust and relevance, all within the set standards of the major search engines. No trickery.

Strong website signals help guide the search engines to ranking a website highly in search engine results.

Although it’s easy to get into the intimate details, let’s first look at example signal categories that help from the get-go.

  • Keywords used in page titles, meta data, page content, link text, anchor text within links pointing to your site.
  • Getting ranked highly in the search engines is part of the path to online success, but SEO also helps you shape your website with positive signals to satisfy your visitors, too.
  • Let’s first think of it from the search engine’s perspective. The more clear your site theme and niche, the more clear your individual page themes and keyword associations, the more valued and clear your links pointing to your site, the better for the search engines to understand. These same techniques stand true for users too.
  • When your visitors arrive to your site, the better your site is optimized for the search engines, chances are the better the visitor experience will be in terms of paths of information consumption and navigation.
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