Simple Locator: An iPhone App Concept

Everyone is a freak about the GPS capabilities on an iPhone, but there seems to be so many more bells and whistles than many people need. Why not keep it simple?

Here’s a cool concept that anyone could use, whether in a home town or traveling.

Let’s say you’re walking down a city street or driving for that matter and see a building, store or landmark and want to know what it is. Well, point your iPhone at it an press the ‘info’ button. Voila. That’s one app, in the bank (or at least in front of it).

Up pops the information stored on Google maps and the local business listings.

{and if this app exists, forgive me, but I’ve recently been downtown and though I’ve been there thousands of times, I know little of what building is what}

I mean, GPS is simple, the iPhone can act like a compass so it seems not only simply plausible, but downright ridiculous that this app isn’t tearing up the damn iPhone. There’s no social network to join and ping your friends, it’s a simple “what the hell is that or where the hell am I?” app.

Feel free to fill in the functionality gaps like click to call or map directions from this doorway to the next or whatever.

The simple idea is point your phone like a remote control, press the info button and wait for your browser to tell you the rest.

Don’t get lost or look like a tourist again. Knucklehead.

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