The Sexiest SEO T-shirt in the Entire World

[fancy-title type=”h3″]The Sexiest SEO T-shirt in the Entire World[/fancy-title]
If you’re a dedicated SEO, you know that it’s more than a job…it’s a lifestyle. If it’s a just a job to you, this t-shirt is not for you.

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Hold Your Horses

This t-shirt isn’t quite available yet…since I’m not out to make a fat profit, I’m looking for interest first. The more people who ‘pre-order’ (no money upfront), by submitting the ‘reserve me one’ form below, the cheaper they’ll be to print and the cheaper they’ll be to purchase. We’re looking for bulk here people, so tell all your friends to come reserve theirs. Call it crowd-sourcing a better price.

I’m not a t-shirt company, just an SEO like you. This has been my tagline for years, but I’m willing to share it with you. Besides, Michelle Lowery suggested I make these! I listened.


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Let’s give it a month to see how much interest we can drum up, ok? So by November 18th I hope to have an idea as to how many to print and ship (USA only). So get on it, submit and share.

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