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Press Releases and Links – Still Have Value or No? What’s the Deal Matt Cutts?

by Joe Schaefer No Comments November 26, 2013

This is less of a post and more of an aside (having just argued with a major SEO company about press releases and links and SEO value).

So, the story goes: Matt Cutts says not to expect press release links to have an affect on your ranking.

Ok, got it.

But what about brand awareness? What about co-occurrence? What about bloggers and media picking up a story and linking back to a site? <- There are all good things for a website/brand/business. So I wouldn't just discount and discontinue press release distribution. If we've learned anything in the past few years, SEO isn't just rank, meta tags and building links. It's about building a brand's presence. It's about quality content on the many platforms that a brand could possibly be found. No, I don't think your single strategy should be press releases, I get that. But is the value of those links gone? First, here’s a note about Google’s announcement about press releases and links.


Second, check this out. Interesting Barry Schwartz, very interesting.

Your thoughts?

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