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On Website Authority & SEO

by Joe Schaefer No Comments August 7, 2010

As any business owner can attest to, illustrating authority about a specific business creates trust and positive brand awareness.

The same holds true for your website. As your website is an extension of your brick and mortar, or to get all wordy, your website is an employee in the anthropomorphic sense of the word, it too should illustrate authority.

website authority & seo

On Authority

Part of a search engine’s algorithm is determining how authoritative your website is (along with many other factors) in order to decide how to place or rank you in search results.

For the sake of the signals concept, we’re going to focus on inbound linking as being an extremely important factor in delivering an authority quotient to the search engines.

Inbound links

Inbound links (or inlinks, backlinks) are somewhat akin to ‘votes’ for your website. If these inbound links come from highly valued, relevant, trustworthy sites, it’s almost like they are providing a powerful testimonial for you directly to the search engines.

If we use the ‘show of hands’ analogy, not only are valued, trustworthy, relevant websites ‘voting by a show of hands’, they are almost jumping out of their seats and pumping their fists in the air begging for the search engines to pay extra attention to the vote, and ultimately, YOU.

But Wait…

It is not completely impossible to have your website linked to in an unbalanced manner that can work against your level of authority.

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