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Navigating the Web & Search Engines

by Joe Schaefer No Comments August 8, 2010

The basics of how people get to a website:

Direct: People directly type your URL into their browser

Links (referrals): People ‘click’ on a link within a website that points to another

Search: People search (on a search engine) using key words or phases and navigate from a ranked list of choices

* some will search using the domain name during a search engine query and then navigate to the website they already intend to visit, thus using the search engine help navigate to a site they already intend to visit.

Navigating the Web {via search engines}

This post is paramount as search-engine-based traffic accounts for much of the traffic that circulates around the web.

Many figures and much of the backing research shows that a majority of people who use the Internet will use a search engine to find websites. Search engines are an integral part to navigating the enormous web.

With millions of new pages being added to the web all of the time, it makes sense that a central tool, such as a search engine, would help the general Internet public find resources, products to buy, information, people, etc.

If they’re not finding you in the search engines, pay attention to these signals as they will help drive a majority of your traffic to your website.

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