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Low Hanging Fruit Link Building Tip: CSS Galleries

by Joe Schaefer No Comments November 12, 2012

Link Building Tip: The Low-hanging Fruit

We all know that links are an integral part of your SEO campaign. Agency after agency will tell you that you need good quality links. We get it. But link diversity, I think, can stand a little low hanging fruit — you know, the easy kind that isn’t overly spammy.

In my humble opinion, getting some (yes, read that as SOME) CSS Gallery links as part of your low-hanging-fruit link building strategy is okay and I welcome it.

So, if your CSS is something to be marveled at, here’s an idea:

css gallery list

Seek out well-trafficked and well-respected CSS Galleries and submit your site! “But how do I find them all?” Good question young Jedi. Do a search…OR:

Visit THE CSS GALLERY LIST. They have a comprehensive list of good CSS galleries and links to their submission pages.

Even better of an idea, again in my humble opinion, is fork over the $20 for them to submit for you. It’ll save you tons of time and headaches.

I know, don’t pay for links. Yeah, yeah, I get it. To me though, you’re not directly paying for links. You’re not paying to be included on the site. Instead, your paying for someone to indirectly build the links for you.

You’d be doing the same by hiring a link builder anyway.

That’s my Sunday night tip. Take it or leave it, but I took it.

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