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Instantly Useful Google Analytics Guide: Pt 1

At the most basic core of understanding your Google Analytics in 60 seconds or less, you really should note the following. For newbies to the analytics world, navigating all the reports and learning how to create multiple profiles with funnels and goals can seem like a nightmare. Get a quick overview in 60 seconds, move on and start planning how to improve things as you’re racing off to the next meeting, or whatever…

Absolute Visitors

The Absolute Visitors metric is probably the most important when looking at ‘visits’. This will help you see how many individuals are visiting your site, not how many times your site was visited.

Bounce Rate

Now, look at your top content list. Check the bounce rate. Those pages with a high bounce rate need changes made to them. Make changes to further engage your visitors site-wide.

Search Traffic and Bounce Rate

Now, look at your search traffic and their keywords and again look at bounce rate. Keywords that are driving traffic that also have a high bounce rate either deliver on the wrong content or they are the wrong keywords all together. Make changes.

Referring Traffic & Bounce Rate

If your Internet marketing mojo is working for you and you’re getting lots of referring traffic, again check the bounce rate against it. Those that have a low bounce rate will tell you one thing while the linked traffic with a high bounce rate will tell you a whole bunch of good stuff (like who and what not to target for links, for example).

Now smile.

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