I suppose I can't unwrite this book, huh?

Some of you know that I’ve been feverishly working on a ‘simplistic’, useful guide for website owner newbies. The title was to be ‘Signals and Noise’. I had thought I’d stumbled upon a great theory until I found a blog with a very similar name. Now what!?

You see, it turns out that the fine people at 37Signals have a blog called Signals vs. Noise. I figured this out by way of Twitter recently and then searched my subconscious a bit. Yeah, I do believe I had been to the blog before. Dammit.

I’d also recently ordered a test print copy from the printer upon completing the book and this was a few days before I’d discovered 37Signals’ blog. I emailed them to let them know of my honest mistake (I even have a website for the book called http://signalsnoise.com–that coincidentally had a video embed of Jason Fried of 37Signals) but didn’t hear back.

My apology was sincere, but the lack of response probably isn’t a good sign.

In any event, I’ll be changing the title and contents of the book so stay tuned for more info on the progress of that. As soon as my depression lifts I just might go back to writing this book, again.

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