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How to Make StumbleUpon Part of Your Marketing Strategy

It involves experimenting to formulate an effective marketing strategy for your business online. It is wise to consider different types of marketing tools when coming up with something that gets results. So, have you considered StumbleUpon?

What is StumbleUpon?

You may find it listed with other social bookmarking sites but it differs slightly. You use StumbleUpon by signing up, then downloading their toolbar. Once you sign up, you will be asked a few questions about your interests and what types of sites and articles you want to explore when you search.

After that, plug in keywords in relation to your site. Your results are targeted to those keywords and the information that you provided when you signed up. Now you can begin viewing content on similar sites and rating it. StumbleUpon serves as a voting site as well. Positive ratings are represented by a ‘thumbs up.’ On the contrary, negative ratings are represented by a ‘thumbs down.’

How to make it a component of your marketing strategy

As with all marketing strategies, there is a strategy to success of Stumbleupon. With the use of StumbleUpon, don’t think profit – think networking. In order for this tool to work, you have to follow a process to get to the desired result.

Now that you have signed up and started making use of toolbar, begin reading and rating the articles and sites you find there. If they are within your niche, then you will also be able to see what your potential competitors are writing about and how their work is being rated. Leave a review for new sites you discover in your searches.

Join in with the community. This website is built on the might of its users. Network with others who are also making use of StumbleUpon. Create a list of ‘friends’ who you share favorite sites with. They will be able to point you to theirs and you can do the same thing. Participate repeatedly so you are not perceived as only being seen when you want to promote your site content.

You can maximize your list of friends by encouraging friends from other social sites to become a member of StumbleUpon. With the toolbar, you have the option of sending the URL for content you like to your friends to read and rate. The more friends (especially those with equivalent interests) you have, the more opportunity you have to see your own work read and rated. Sites that are rated high and often fly to the top of the pile.

Lastly, come up with good quality content on your website. Just like you, your friends and your expected traffic want to read great things, too. What type of content does well on StumbleUpon? List articles (such as ‘Top 5 Worst Cars’) are easy to check given their format. As an addition, topics that are hot right now in the niche of your choice do well, especially those that might contain a controversial opinion or a unique approach on an old issue.

You can find ways to incorporate StumbleUpon into your marketing strategy. Moreover, it is free to try. So, you have nothing to lose.

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