Google's Translator Phone

by Joe Schaefer No Comments February 14, 2010

Within a couple of years or so, Google hopes to release its phone software that will almost instantaneously translate spoken language. Obviously, breaking a language barrier of this nature is massive. This, coupled with its existing voice search technology will……take mobile to a new level, for both search and communication barriers world-wide.

Google Translator Phone

One of Google’s arguments for improving the system is data collection. In other words, as more data is added to the system, the better it will get. Obviously, based on its search technologies and big basket full of other services (including text-based Google translator), their ability to collect data and provide relevant answers/solutions has gotten increasingly better (depending on who you ask). So, this system will be like its search technologies – the more it is used, the more information that is collected. The more information that is collected, the smarter and more valuable the software will become.

Long story short – why learn new languages? I have my own theories, what are yours (comment below)?

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