The Little Book of Big Answers to Google+

by Joe Schaefer No Comments September 13, 2011

If I have to join one more social platform I’ll scream. That’s not me saying that, but it’s probably you. I know, right? Enough already!

But, if the buzz isn’t already in your neck of the marketing woods, you’re probably hard of hearing. Needless to say, there are thousands of articles floating about and even more social chatter around Google+. You’ll hear everything from +1s get factored into the rank algorithm to how Google+ is a Facebook and Twitter killer. I highly doubt the latter is true, but it isn’t just a bit player in the show that is social media.

And what show it can be.

What I’ve found is that there isn’t a really good, definitive, albeit basic guide that serves as an introduction to Google+. (oh great, I just opened myself up to rudely mannered comments pointing links all over the place). I suppose they’re warranted because I just haven’t looked hard enough. And really, I wanted to explore Google+ on my own…enough to get a handle on the ins and outs of G+ and the end result is my new book: The Little Book of Big Answers to Google+: An Introduction.

So for all you pros, stop reading and let the newbies come in on the conversation because this book is for them. This book is for the web pro who doesn’t have the time to give a crap about the whole sea of articles. This book is for the CEO or marketing manager who doesn’t have “that kind of time” either. And, this book is for me, just so I could say I wrote another one. So there.

When will this incredible tome of rich information be ready? I don’t know. Soon, though. Soon. Stay tuned.

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