Facebook Zero & Ad Serving

by Joe Schaefer No Comments February 18, 2010

It isn’t even here yet, but Facebook Zero could help a heck of a lot of people who are looking to save dollars on the data fees incurred by using their cell phones. As for now, the bandwidth-intensive mobile version is costing people money. But will Facebook Zero cost advertisers and ultimately Facebook money?

Facebook Zero & Advertisers

Perhaps have a text only version for cell users will save the user money (on data charges). But how does that serve the advertiser in much of a way? In other words, without images to go along with an “ad” could we see a shift in ad strategy? I hope so. This one will be interesting. But without a restructuring of ads, their delivery and the common public’s consumption of them – it could spell expensive for Facebook (not that it’ll cost them much, but the possible lack of missed funds coming in is expensive).

The Facebook Rationale

Facebook claims they are up to 400 million users (with almost 3 quarters of them outside of the U.S.). They’re clearly looking to keep these monstrous numbers climbing, so why not add a cheaper mobile means of connecting?

At What Expense?

If advertising doesn’t go through a reinvention period, a free service that isn’t free to develop and host, could be somewhat costly. Does Facebook Zero mean the end of laptop and desktop use? Clearly not.

I’m just thinking here. Thoughts?

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