Enabling Google Analytics for the Google +1

by Joe Schaefer No Comments March 10, 2012

Enable Google Analytics Integration for +1

If you’re a Google Analytics user, you can also enable Google Analytics integration. All of your clicks will be added to a specified category in Google Analytics so you can check out how many clicks you’re getting on your +1 button.

google plus 1Along with the launch of Pages for Business, Google has launched a new extension to their AdWords service that will let people +1 your page right from your ad. Again , this is a way to help your ad stand out from the pack of generic text ads AND help your long term organic search visibility.

Another prediction: As the Google Plus platform grows, you’ll be able to target your AdWords ads to people based on their interests and employment as well as by what they’re searching for and where they’re located. This puts your products and services in front of your ideal customer at the precise moment they’re looking to buy. Powerful.

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