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Clarification for a New York SEO Consultant

by Joe Schaefer No Comments November 15, 2012

I feel there needs to be come clarification. Because I’m a New York SEO consultant, people often assume I’m in New York City. You see I live and work in a state with a major city named after the state…New York and New York City.

In all actuality, my home/office is in Albany, NY (the capital of New York). So while I provide SEO services and web design services in New York, I’m located about 2.5 hours from NYC. I do, however, service all of New York and the U.S. — this *is* the Internet after all.

New York SEO is the Same as SEO Everywhere

I geo-target some of my pages to New York because I like to work with people in my own backyard. But know that SEO here in NY is the same as SEO anywhere. They’re not SEO services that purport to be different in any way. But I do get a lot of questions from clients as to why they should engage with an SEO consultant. This is my answer:

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  • SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization
  • More people click and visit websites from the organic listings than from ads (you want this)
  • Search-driven traffic is typically the most valued in regards to audience targeting and conversions (you want this)
  • Getting found in the “organic” listings of search engines is the most highly regarded form of traffic (you want this)
  • Showing up on the first page of search results psychologically tells visitors you are authoritative and reputable (you want this)

What is SEO?

SEO (or search engine optimization) is a set of tools and techniques used by web professionals to help signal the search engines in such a way that they rank your site well for targeted, higher volume keyphrases (the actual words people are using to search with).

Google alone gets 100s of millions of queries per day. This alone should tell a website owner that they had better easily be found in the search engines or risk giving valuable traffic away to their competitors.
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Showing up on the first page of search results has a psychological effect on search engine users as the majority feel the very best businesses and sites show up on the first page of results.

As an Offensive SEO Tactic

Showing up highly in the search results garners much more traffic than subsequent pages. As an offensive marketing play, this helps businesses beat their competitors to the first look by targeted visitor eyes.

As a Defensive SEO Tactic

If your competitors are outranking you or employing SEO tactics, a defensive move for more traffic and market share is SEO and outranking your competitors.

New Marketing

Face it, your marketing may not be working like it used to. Long ago SEO was reserved for behind the walls of webmaster offices, but is now becoming more of a mainstream must-have marketing tactic.

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