Book Review: Search Engine Optimization Secrets by Danny Dover

by Joe Schaefer No Comments September 4, 2011

On SEO Books

In my house, with my family listening, I am by far the biggest geek that has ever walked the earth. In the SEO world, not so much…comparatively. But, I have professional aspirations. And because of that I absorb information and books about the subject of SEO like a sponge. This way, my aspirations to be a full-on geek who can also talk the talk in a way that makes sense to clients are well on their way.

search engine optimization secrets bookSo, as I absorb information, I’m always on the hunt for great resources –especially books that cut through the recycled crap and give some really valuable, useful insight. These resources should be a source of training and reference to go back to. And, unfortunately, they can be far and few between.

Not so with Danny Dover’s Search Engine Optimization Secrets book, published by Wiley. For some back story: I had been following Danny Dover when he was employed by SEOmoz and I new this book was being written. I was chomping at the bit to get a hold of it as soon as it was published. The publishing date kept getting pushed back until finally, my copy (and a review copy) landed in my mailbox.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets by Danny Dover

The book is described as:

When you open this book, you’ll feel as though you’re sitting down with experts who are disclosing rare information about search engine optimization. You’ll benefit from the authors’ success as SEO professionals while they uncover tactics, strategies, and secrets for using SEO to improve rankings and drive traffic to specific sites. Additionally, the book contains two full-length annotated SEO reports to help you take your consulting to the professional level.

So, more back story: My entire SEO training (I’ve worked for 2 agencies now) has consisted of me sifting through all that I could find on the subject. This includes the many books, good and bad, out there. So, while I’ve had wildly successful results, I always felt it important to be able to ‘see’ and ‘learn’ from those who I respect greatly in the industry. This book does just that.

Inside Search Engine Optimization Secrets

Although not for the beginner, by any means, and it isn’t the end-all, tell-all of SEO — but it gives amazingly valuable insight as to how success if found by others who are deeply engrained in the industry.

So sure, if you’re a beginner, there’s much to be learned from this book, especially in regards to the history of search engines, the algorithms and basic elements to focus on. But for the professional, especially someone like me, who is completely self-taught (based on agencies not able to afford top-notch training), it is a glimpse into new ways to look at things and techniques that not only save time, but also provide robust information to take your campaigns to the next level.

quoteGone from this book are the tired old lists of basics and instead you’ll find the actual tactics that act like handshakes between your website and the major search engines.

SEO for me has always been one of those things that is easy in theory, but hard to implement, so the ease in which this book reads, the wealth of info and tactics and the most valued thing that I found – the examples of actual SEO reports all lead me to regard this book as a must have for anyone serious about the industry.

danny doverDover and his co-author, Erik Dafforn, start at the foundation and ramp-up to expert tactics with ease, and without being overly general nor overly confusing. I think my biggest beef with the book is the real actionable tactics of link building. My impression, overall, of the book is this is great on-page and backend SEO, but light on the tactics for successful link building. Don’t get me wrong, driving home the importance of great content is here, but the tactics (or secrets as the book is touted) of how to find content ideas and draw more inbound links editorially is lacking with this effort.

If asked what books I’d recommend in the industry, this would be one of them. I waited a long while for this book to be published and it was definitely worth it. Thanks Danny Dover for the Search Engine Optimization Secrets book, it’s extremely worn and looked at again and again.
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