An Evergreen Content Case Study

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By ChristopherFielden

There was an audience. Further research showed there was a large amount of long-tail keyword opportunities.

So I created the page, initially listing details of approximately 50 writing contents. The list went live during April 2012.

Page content

The page format is fairly simple. I started out with two tables, one listing regular writing competitions (monthly, quarterly, triannual and biannual) and another listing annual contests. Over time, I’ve added more tables so the resource is as easy to use as possible.

At the top of the page I openly invite users to contact me to have writing competitions listed. I also invite users to let me know if any of my details are incorrect, out of date, or if they find any broken links.

Use of outbound links

Again, to make the resource easy for writers to use, I’ve linked to all the competitions I’ve listed. I’ve read all sorts of discussions regarding outbound links and whether it’s best for them to be follow or no-follow, as well as discussions about how many links you should have on a page alongside concerns about the quality of the sites you link to and whether that has any impact on SEO.

As there doesn’t seem to be a definitive right or wrong way to do this, I decided to ignore all these concerns and just link to the most useful page on the different competition websites for the user. The only exception is when I link to a competition website that updates its URLs each time it updates the competition details. In this instance I link to the homepage to avoid excessive administration and maintenance of the page.

All links are followed.

Page maintenance

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Creating timeless content is something all SEOs should aspire to do. Why? When placed in front of the right audience, amazing content is highly likely to generate ongoing interest, engagement, links, and traffic, leading to increased sales/conversions and brand awareness. These results tend to make all but the most difficult client quite happy.

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