Howdy, we are Untypical.

We approach our projects with strategic and creative thinking. We partner with our clients to create big ideas and digital experiences. And we spend each day doing so by sharpening the tools of the digital trade.


SEO Consulting with Design in Mind

I perform SEO consulting & create marketing solutions that help businesses bring their products and services to the proverbial digital marketplace. All with a strong emphasis on search & search marketing strategies.

Web Design & Development

An adept web designer and developer will use engaging design, help people flow through the information and use web markup and code to ‘bring it to life’ (so to speak) and make it a working experience online.

Content Development

Having a content strategy means you know what you want to do without taking random stabs at techniques that may or may not work out. Knowing what works and how to effectively reach your audience is important and can mean the difference between a successful campaign or an expensive failure.

Native Sponsored Marketing

Today, there’s native advertising (where your content is weaved into another website without looking like an ad) and there is sponsored content (where your content is published on a site and labeled as ‘sponsored’, looking more like advertising). I take the two, combine them and take PR to a different level.

Audience/User Optimization

An unusable website, poor conversion path architecture, broken or outdated pages — these all lead to customer frustration. My goal is to streamline the user’s experience and help them find and travel through the conversion funnel, quickly and easily.

Social Strategy + Optimization

If you don’t think your customers are looking for you on social platforms or if you think search ends with Google, you’re missing a whole segment of potential audience members while missing out on the all important social signals that help with traffic generation. Get a strategy and win the Internet.